Alexandro Fratelli



 subsidiary of the company Négoce Français International, presents its new distribution license "ALEXANDRO FRATELLI".

Négoce Français International has exclusive distribution rights for France, Monaco and for worldwide development.

We offer you the men and women collections Winter 2019 and Summer 2020.







The brand was born in 2015, a spark when founder goes to a fashion show, dressed in an outfit that he himself had done.
Noticed by his outfit, he receives lots of compliments from guests.
In this event a couple very famous, has a crush on this style and made it his first order: a tuxedo and a dress that Fignole hand, while making its atypical and personal touch.
This first achievement will open the door to applications increasingly growing.

The founder of the brand left alone, is surrounded by following a team to the fraternal spirit, hence the name Fratelli.
To cement the relationship that bind them, they choose safety pins, a symbol of solidarity, fraternal bonds that unite them and they will make the first claw their brand.
Attracted by the Italian fashion from an early age, the founder went several times a year in Italy, to find the latest creations of the designers, so his friends had nicknamed Alexandro.

Alexandro Fratelli is a typical Parisian inspired brand of Italian fashion, all creations are made in France.
The brand stands out for its style of all current modes.
Each piece is crafted artisanal products which guaranteed an exceptional rarity.

Alexandro Fratelli offers clothes man and woman both chic and elegant perfect match for a couple who dares to be different.

Today we have many followers in particular around the globe, a true community that continues to increase.
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  • Showroom : Paris / Saint - Etienne






Conditions de vente pour la marques Alexandro Fratelli :


  • Only one shop per city.
  • Shop of designers or luxury brands.
  • Shop Airy boutique, design, luxury atmosphere (photos requested).


  • Order in collection 1 year to 6 months before the season.
  • Margin coefficient of 2.7%.
  • Minimum order per collection 5000 € ht.


  • Payment for the new collection: 30% of deposit at the time of the selection, 30% 30 days after the reception of the order, 40% remaining 50 days after the reception of the order.
  • Restocking: minimum 1500 € ht.


  • Once acceptance of the opening of account: orders and tariffs by mail or selection in showroom.













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